Alaska Natives and American Indians have a lot in common.

In addition to the destiny given to them by Abdu’l-Baha they share more genetic homogeneity than any other racial group. In other words, American Indians are rather unique.  As Baha’is we treasure one another and we are humbled by the light we see in others. The American Indian spirit is a gift of God and this gift was, apparently, seen and appreciated by Abdu’l-Baha who looked at their souls, and not their appearance or temporal condition, and said, “Attach great importance to the indigenous population of America.”

We live in a mystical and spiritual world, and, nevertheless, it is also a physical world and this is how the Map of God looked across the earth prior to 1492 – wherein the Y-DNA Haplogroups of the World shows the common ancestry shared by Alaska Natives and both North and South American Indians.

It appears the Creator of All Things has placed a unique people throughout the Americas and then in His Infinite wisdom requires them to “… be educated and guided” because “… there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world.”

Sitting Bull said, “We are an island of Indians in a lake of whites.” Strangely, it may be someday the entire earth will be flooded with the American Indian spirit which will put the Creator of All Things and the World Order of His Divinely Ordained Manifestation at the center of all things across the entire planet.

Map of God

 Attribution: This map showing the Y-DNA Haplogroups of the World is the work of Professor J.Douglas McDonald from the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Illinois and is shown here for educational purposes only.