Rosa Internet Startup Entrepreneurs (Rise)

Rise is our opportunity to prove that a small group of dedicated young spiritual “warriors of the rainbow” given a highminded purpose and objective can create internet properties that support Rise, and that these and other internet startup properties developed overtime will also provide funding for every aspect of the Rosa University system which will be entirely self-funded by the work-study programs of the students themselves, young American Indians.

Rise is a school or department of Rosa University. In future as Rosa comes into being, each of the nineteen individual Rosa University facilities will have their own Rise Business College — each mandated to “create the circumstances“. Among other activities related to the Rise work-study program, students of this school or department of Rosa will invent, prepare and maintain the web properties, web services, and web presence of Rosa.

At this stage there is no funding needed for Rosa University, and none is required, because the vision of Rosa is the creation of a self-funded university system that derives funding from the global web properties and web services Rise creates and operates, so, therefore, the intermediate step of Rise must first generate the outcomes that enable self-funding of the entire Rosa University system.

How to Start the Rise School

The Rise School is a service component that can be affordably started now in a small facility where the students eat, live, and work together. In summary, the self-funding and roll out of the Rosa University system will be the outcome of work done by the Founding Classes of Rise who will learn and practice the art of internet startup entrepreneuring. This includes creating and building original web services that serve the global internet community.

It is these original web services and internet business models created by the students and administrators of Rise that will start the process and generate the profits required to self-fund and sustain the overall Rosa University system long into the future.

In addition to being paid a monthly stipend to participate in all of the work-study programs of Rise, including it’s spiritual development Ruhi Institute  component, but, also they will dive into its learn-by-doing methods which rapidly develops skills and capacities related to the practices and processes that are essential to internet startup entrepreneurship. In addition was part of the work-study programs, during their tenure at Rise the students will share twenty percent of the profits generated by the internet startups and businesses that all the students at Rise create.

The Daily Work-study Programs and Animating Purpose of Rise

The Founding Class of Rise will start with one teacher and twenty students. The students will live at the Rise facility and share daily work-study programs that include a Baha’i spiritual component. The creative work environment is a full blown business office complete with computers, printers, and everything else you might find in a modern business office.

In addition to internet subjects, the Rise students will learn skills related to personal money management, business management, Baha’i studies, vocabulary, geography, reading, writing, accounting, public speaking, video creation, product creation, and business building. They will eagerly learn all this and more because their income – a percentage of all profits generated – correlates to the practice of the skills taught and acquired.

Most of all, these young Baha’i American Indian students – ages 17 to 22 – from 20 distinct tribes and nations will grasp the challenge of applying their warrior spirits and resolute natures as part of the Founding Class of the nascent Rosa University in order to animate the vision of Abdu’l-Baha across the Americas which is:

“… these Indians, should they be educated and guided, there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world.”

Proof of Concept. Is it possible that a few inspired and persistent young American Indian Baha’i students, by their heartfelt and enthusiastic participation in Rise – a small scale portion of the Rosa University system – can be the intermediating instrument for so lofty a goal as the establishment of a self-sustaining university model that will serve generations of American Indian Baha’is, who in their turn will be a blessing to all of humanity? Look no further than the words of the Master, Abdu’l-Baha, “Nothing shall be impossible to you if you have faith. As ye have faith so shall your powers and blessings be.”