Expository Description of the Curriculum for Year One of Rise

The Rosa Internet Startup Entrepreneur

All things are possible, and as Abdu’l-Baha says, “Make a beginning and all will come right. Intention brings attainment.” Therefore, as amazing as it sounds young American Indian Baha’is with no special qualifications or prior accomplishments can create the circumstances for the self-funding of the Rosa University system. All they need is the guidance, hands on education and the novel Rosa and Rise work-study training methods, and the support and encouragement and inspiration of a challenging internet startup entrepreneurial environment where they are encouraged to work diligently in order to transform themselves into disciplined experts by practicing and applying the skills they are learning step by step to create the web properties and outcomes needed to produce and sustain successful internet enterprises.

It is hoped that these words and the descriptions of what can be systematically learned and applied by the genius of young American Indian Baha’is, and, also, within the entire vision of the Rosa University system, are sufficiently encapsulated on the pages of this website and the FAQ, for example, so that anyone desiring to selflessly serve and nurture the Rise work-study component of the Rosa educational system can act as the catalyst needed to do so.

  • These are not just words, this is a prescription for success wherein young American Indian Baha’is come into their own, and dramatically prove they can create real world, professional, measurable, and beneficial outcomes, thereby proving they are as clever as any group of wrongly considered more sophisticated or superior people.

The Rise Experience. There will be no cooks or maid service. The students at the Rise work-study program will learn to work together and take care of their living environment. In addition to the core internet entrepreneurial training and skill building and internet service components, Rise has spiritual, language, writing, business, physical development, presentation and performance, home making, and other components that are all equally important.

The opening four weeks will be devoted to laying the attitudinal and intentional foundation for the activity and goals of Rise so that the American Indian Baha’i students will be challenged to achieve the impossible in the name of their tribes and for the benefit of all the American Indian nations throughout the Americas and for humanity in general.

The ideal Rise founding class includes 20 students, each from a different tribe. What they will achieve during the scope of one year of the comprehensive Rise internet startup entrepreneur work-study program will act as living proof of what American Indians can accomplish when they work together to achieve a transcendent purpose. What these young American Indian Baha’i students will achieve in one year will resonate through at least 20 tribes and act as a clarion call to American Indians throughout the Americas that they are a treasure and blessing to humanity. In no small measure what these young American Indian Baha’is will accomplish will have a tremendous impact on souls across the earth because the internet is a global community.

Conditioning the Mind to Achieve a Great Purpose

The purpose of the goals and activities of the overall Rise curriculum is to inspire action and commitment, produce profit generating results to enable Rise and Rosa to grow in order to live up to its potential to serve throughout the Americas, and, above all, to release the pent up genius of young American Indian Baha’is so they can achieve the destiny foretold for them by Abdu’l-Baha.

In summary, a practical spirituality and ardent intention of purpose and playful good nature will permeate the atmosphere of Rise through systematic study of the Ruhi Institute materials, and daily prayer and reflection on the driving quotations related to the purpose for the establishment of Rosa University including what Abdu’l-Baha has foretold, and, also, what Baha’u’llah said, as reported by Hand of the Cause of God Ali Furutan, were the qualities He liked to see most in people:

“The Blessed Beauty often remarked: ‘There are four qualities which I love to see manifested in people: first, enthusiasm and courage; second, a face wreathed in smiles and a radiant countenance; third, that they see all things with their own eyes and not through the eyes of others; fourth, the ability to carry a task, once begun, through to its end.'”

The proffessional internet business skills and internet startup entrepreneur work-study education inculcated at Rise will give every student a thorough and complete hands-on experiential training and deep understanding that will within the span of one year enable each of them to operate a profitable home based internet business from anywhere on earth. At the same time, the students will be repeatedly reminded and inspired about their unique role as the first Founding Class of Rise and urged to act as the accelerator that helps to unfold Rosa University wherein some may leave and others stay to help build the initial 19 branches of Rosa University, a system of higher education comprised of 360 students at each branch spread throughout the Americas.