The OverArching Objective

The overarching objective of building the Rosa University system cannot be reached without the intermediate step and the enabling agent. However, succinctly stated the overarching objective calls for indigenous Baha’is of the Americas to build a fully accredited self-funded university system throughout the Americas.

The Intermediate Step

Rise is the intermediate step. Rise is the fulcrum and lever — and the curriculm of the work-study program — that will give students the vision and and tools and ability to achieve the objective. Insofar as its business goals, the primary objective of Rise is to create the circumstances via a string of internet startups and services that will self-fund the entire university system for generations.

The Enabling Agent

The internet is the world economy. It is the economic engine that creates and transfers enormous wealth to various players. Rise will serve this world economy with a flow of internet startups and services in order to create the circumstances that will build, support, and expand a self-funded university system.

Rise will train young American Indian Baha’is and Alaska Natives to be internet startup entrepreneurs. In the process, the students will create internet startups, one or more of which will become substantive enterprises able to sustain various aspects of the entire university system. This is an ongoing process wherein, no matter how successful a prior class, each new generation of Rise students endeavor to “create the circumstances” by applying their brain and spirit power to create new internet startups and services in order to achieve and or expand the objectives of Rise and its overarching purpose. This process will generate and create the enormous wealth needed to grow, expand, and support the ongoing services of the university system.

Rosa Internet Startup Entrepreneurs (Rise)

The vision of service of Rosa University is to operate 19 self-sustaining Rosa University branches throughout the Americas, wherein each branch of the overall system has its own facility, administrators, teachers, curriculum, and students and is an accredited university having 300 to 600 indigenous Baha’i students.

No initial or ongoing funding will be required or provided by Baha’i Institutions.

Rise is the fulcrum and lever that will enable the 19 branches of the Rosa University system to be self-funded and self-sustaining and built in less than ten years. Additional branches of Rosa University will be built in the decades that follow in order to serve the ever growing Baha’i indigenous American population.

It is the internet age. On the internet, digital enterprises can blossom as exceedingly scalable global services, which, in rare but substantive cases, are thereafter acquired for billions of dollars.

“Intention brings attainment.”
— Abdu’l-Baha

The work of Rise is to provide a work-study environment for young American Indian Baha’is to educate themselves through study of the Baha’i Writings, and, also, to train American Indian Baha’is in the principles and means of internet entrepreneurship and to, therefore, prepare them to be independently successful with a home based enterprise located anywhere in the world where there is internet access, and, through this process to create the circumstances through which Rise supports itself and wherein soon thereafter Rosa University is born, develops, and is self-funded for generations.

The Rosa University System

The work-study programs of Rosa University and Rise are instruments that American Indian Baha’is throughout the Americas will use to coordinate their efforts in order to achieve their destiny. In large part, the goal of building a Baha’i inspired university system is the trust of the very people who will work to build, nurture and carry it forward, and of whom Abdu’l-Baha asserts:

“… these Indians, should they be educated and guided, there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world.”

This site suggests how the self-funded Rosa University system can be built throughout the Americas within a decade or less. It outlines the vision of service of Rosa University, and describes the role of Rise, an intermediate tool – a fulcrum and lever – to make both Rise and Rosa self-sustaining, requiring no investment or ongoing financial support from the institutions of the Faith, and allowing American Indian Baha’is to lead in their quest “… to enlighten the whole world.”

While it is not feasible to build the whole – or even a single branch – of Rosa University today because of its financial requirements related to infrastructure and teachers and administrators, Rise can, on the other hand, be affordably started.

Substantive enterprises require investment to prime the pump and get things going.

Rise Startup Funding

The startup of Rise will be privately funded and will include the purchase of all the necessary computer, software, office equipment and furnishings, and, also, a facility wherein the Founding Classes of Rise will live and work together as startup entrepreneurs.

Investor materials. A thorough reading of this website including the FAQ may tell what most investors want to know, however, prospective co-Founders may request a spreadsheet with accompanying commentary notes that indicates why these funds are needed and how they will be used to start the Rise service. In addition, a detailed ancillary Excel spreadsheet that projects the cost of building and supporting the entire Rosa University system across many generations, and which, also, allows changing the assumptions to alter the “what if” outcomes and projections is available upon request.

It is assumed Rise will host twenty full time live in students the first year. See the comprehensive FAQ for more information.

Assumed forecast of sustainability. After an intense preparation of the Founding Class of Rise students in the first quarter, and the building of websites and web services during the first and second quarters, it is believed that income and profit will begin to flow into Rise beginning in the third quarter. This income will be sufficient to support Rise in the second year and and going forward, however, this is not the income that will enable Rosa University. Instead it is the income that enables Rise to fund itself in order to continue to work on creating the circumstances that will enable Rosa University to roll out and be established throughout the Americas.

This site paints in broad strokes the vision of service of the Rosa University system, and the part that Rosa Internet Startup Entrepreneurs (Rise) will play in the resultant and subsequent unfoldment of Rosa University and its lofty goals.