Student, Teacher, and Investor Remuneration

The Distribution of Profits

The Rise work-study program is a means for young American Indian Baha’is to be guided and encouraged to prove their warrior spirit mettle and native intelligence and genius in the exciting experiential environment of of a bustling office creating, developing, incubating, and managing, and launching one or more internet startups each year through a string of consecutive Founding Classes of Rise whose objective is a far-reaching but attainable goal At the same time, learning how to independently make a living on the internet from anywhere in the world where, for example, they may choose to pioneer.

It is also an opportunity for young American Indian Baha’is to learn about their high destiny, and too consult and reflect on it each day, and, also, prayerfully consider whether they want to help Rosa University unfold across the Americas, for instance, by becoming teachers or administrators or staff at Rise, and preparing themselves by developing skills they can use later to help the Rosa University system in years to come.

In order to reach its full potential, and too quickly unfold with alacrity, the challenge for Rosa University will be to find and or uplift souls – ideally from the very ranks of the American Indian graduates of Rise and Rosa – who will consecrate themselves as teachers, administrators, and staff, to the entirety of the majestic scope of the enterprise which is to “Attach great importance to the indigenous population of America” because “…these Indians, should they be educated and guided, there can be no doubt that they will become so illumined as to enlighten the whole world.”

Profit Sharing. During their tenure as students, although they not required to pay for their education, and instead receive a monthly Student Stipend as part of their education, they are required to be active and fully engaged participants in the work-study programs of the school, during which time Rise offers Students the opportunity to participate in the profits generated by their collective efforts at their individual Rise school. In addition to their Student Stipend, Rise students receive 20% of the profits generated, with just caps imposed (see below) at their Rise school during their tenure. The Student Share of the profits will be computed by the students who will review all records of income and expenses as part of their education.

In future the teachers, administrators, and staff at each individual branch of Rosa University will receive a salary and other benefits. In addition they will divide a ten percent share of the profits generated by Rise efforts at their individual Rise school or branch of Rosa University during their tenure.

The Co-Founders will divide a ten percent share of the profits generated each year by all the Rise efforts across all the Rosa University system facilities and Rise schools. This is an inheritable investment annuity paid for a period not to exceed seventy years.

Designated Recipients. Also, from this ten percent share, the beneficence of the philanthropic Co-Founding Investors who are Baha’is enables a distribution of income to a host of Designated Recipients including the Universal House of Justice, and National Spiritual Assemblies in various nations wherein large populations of American Indians and or Eskimos live. In the case of Investors who are not Baha’is whatever percentage of their allocation that may have gone to Designated Recipients will go to the charities of their choice.

Rise and Rosa University have a 60% share of the profits generated each year across all Rosa University system facilities and Rise schools. This share is available as needed by the institution and will pay its expenses and fund expansion.

This distribution and remuneration – both for work, and, also, the risk of capital involved in support of the formidable, developmental, and visionary work of the Rosa University system and Rise – is believed to be fair-minded:

  • 20% to the students *
  • 10% to the teachers and administrators *
  • 10% to the Co-Founders, aka Founders, and Designated Recipients
  • 60% to Rise and the Rosa University system.

* There are caps placed on these distributions. Excess over the caps goes into a Staff Security Trust or a Student Security Trust that is set aside for philanthropic work of these parties and also for health or family emergencies. These just caps are associated, for example, with the flux of incoming and outgoing students who work on projects that may not bear fruit for many years, but which may be attributed to them and not to others.

Contributions from the Rise Business College Students to Rosa University. In order to support and assist in the expense of the global socioeconomic development work of their fellow Rosa University Graduates, Rise students will be asked to of their own goodwill contribute ten percent of any profit they may derive from entrepreneurial internet activity engaged in outside of Rosa University for life. This contribution is in recognition of the knowledge and hands-on experience gained at the Rise School and or the Rise Business College and is on the honor system. Rise graduates will joyfully participate because these contributions will be a blessing to humanity from American Indians – the “illumined” souls who are destined to “enlighten the whole world.”

Risk Factor. Although it is clear that in some cases, investors receive returns equal to many times the value of their investments, and it is possible the Rise Co-Founders may do so as well, however, no guarantee of success or of any return or repayment of their investment is assured.

Legal Structure. An Innovative nonprofit, for-profit hybrid forbids the sale of stock but allows us to share a percentage of profit as shown above via the allocation of an inventive point system. Since the goal is to reach the objective and be sustainable and self-funding forever after the initial funding, and also to have branches throughout the Americas, wherein the laws of various countries may prohibit aspects of the business model, in all cases, where not prohibited by law the Rosa University system and Rise will strive to make the distributions and remunerations outlined above valuable consideration to all concerned parties including the philanthropic parties whose benevolence enabled the Founding Class of Rise. Please contact us for more information.

This is not a legal document nor should it be taken as such. It is a statement of intent and a work in progress.