The Funding of Rise

Every new enterprise requires funding. At this point, it is impossible to self-fund the development of the Rosa University system because of the inordinate costs involved, however, it is entirely possible to fund Rise and train young American Indian Baha’is to work together to create the circumstances that will self-fund both Rise and the entire Rosa University system for generations.

No initial or ongoing funding will be required or provided by Baha’i Institutions.

The startup of Rise will be privately funded. In addition to providing for other expenses, funding will provide for the purchase and or renovation of a facility where the Founding Class of Rise will live and work together in much the same way that the Founding group of the internet startup Facebook lived and worked together in a house in Silicon Valley — except, in this case, the facility will be much larger.

Founders. The co-Founders of the Rise work-study program will be known as the Founders of the Rosa University system in the future.

The station of the Co-Founders, all of whom will individually be known as Founders, is a station of servitude and self-effacement. There is no ego involved. No buildings or schools will ever be named after any of the Co-Founders or their families.

As a Co-Founder, however, your legacy will include receiving the acknowledgement of the Rosa University system whenever and wherever its history is told and it is appropriate to name the Co-Founders. No position on any eventual board is guaranteed. No special authority is offered to the individual Co-Founders. The office of the Co-Founder, aka Founder, is in perpetuity.

A Co-Founding investment will entitle each Co-Founder to an attendant remuneration which each co-Founder or their heirs will receive for a period not to exceed seventy years.

Founder Investment. Michael Quinn, the initiating Founder of the Rosa University system and Rise, has invested more than $150,000 to develop and or identify the principles and methods of instruction that will support and enable the Founding Classes of Rise and subsequently the entire Rosa University system as inspired by the work of the Founders and Central Figures of the Baha’i Faith, and also, to name only a few, in memory of Wovoka, Andy Vidovich, Marion and Tom West, Michael Biegle, and the Hands of the Cause of God Martha Root, Enoch Olinga, William Sears, and Agnes Alexander.

Pledges. If you are a qualified investor and you have any questions about this investment and the remuneration, for example, please use the Contact form and provide your name, email, and phone number.

Pledging in Memory Of and Naming the Beneficiary. You may pledge in memory of whomever you wish and designate any person or the legal entity of your choice as the beneficiary of your investment, including, if you are a Baha’i, naming any Baha’i Institution as the beneficiary of your investment such as the Universal House of Justice, one or more National Spiritual Assemblies, one or more Local Spiritual Assemblies, the International Teaching Centre, the Continental Board of Counselors, and or one or more of the Auxiliary Boards of all nations.

Attention: Please remember that the Baha’i Funds may be in dire straits, and your selfless investment should be over and above what you ordinarily donate to the Baha’i Funds because this is an investment not a donation and may produce returns as indicated on the Remunerations webpage.



Initiating Founder invites Co-Founders to Fund Rise and be the Founders of Rosa University

Pic Michael 15 yrs

Michael Quinn, at 15 yrs old. Initiating Founder of Rise and the Rosa University system.

Dearest Friends,

This is in the internet age and the Founding Class of Rise, the Rosa Internet Startup Entrepreneurs, can create the circumstances that will lead to the establishment and self-funding of the entire Rosa University system.

I started with $60 and built a multi million dollar company in the computer industry in two years. I sold that company and pioneered with my family in the Brazilian Amazon for three years. I have an entrepreneurial flare and I know Alaska Natives and American Indians have the right stuff because the same genes are in me. Let’s build Rise and Rosa University together.